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Convection ovens MIWE
  • Convection ovens MIWE

Convection ovens MIWE

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Convection MIWE furnaces

 The electric convection furnace - the expert in the field of "Convenience", is ideal for sheet pastries, for baking of croissants and partial pastries. Baking camera of three different sizes; for especially high efficiency the version of "DUO" or the double-circuit version (8 + 8 sheets). Advantages:  
  • Parouvlazhneniye with technology of injection; optional optimization of steam at parointensivny products for a bigger volume and gloss.
  • Optimum gap and crust thanks to two reversuyuchy convection fans with optionally adjustable speeds (four speeds) the automatic stop of the fan shortly before the termination of the program of pastries keeps heat in the furnace and thus saves energy.
  • For certain products (for example, pretzels) and creation of especially good crust until the end of pastries: freely operated electric valve of removal of steam (option).
  • FP control system (100 programs of pastries, 12 are caused directly through pictograms which can be changed of 5 cycles of pastries) with a set of intellectual functions.
  • Bystry readiness for pastries and at the same time energy economy: the Power-Down mode, at non-use the furnace regulates temperature to the established value.
  • Especially easy cleaning, thanks to the rounded-off baking Softline camera and easily taking out support for sheets; the semi-automatic system of cleaning "easyclean" cares for additional hygiene.
  • The double glass reflecting heat allows to avoid burns and saves energy.
  • Accessories: an exhaust umbrella, the steam condenser, vystoyny a case, a case for drying, intermediate section, the lower section, a socle, rollers.
Technical characteristics: The sizes * Sh x x In (depending on model), mm: 900 x 850 x 780/935/1100 Size of a baking sheet (depending on model), mm: 600х400 / 600х800 ** Number of sheets, piece: 6/8/10 Tension, In: 380 Power (depending on model), kW: 9,5 / 13,8 / 15,8 Safety lock, And: 3х16 / 3х25 * The sizes can differ from specified ** Possible and other sizes of baking sheets at the order it is Also possible to order also other models of convection furnaces of MIWE, Bongard, Debag, WinklerWachtel, WIESHEU, Primax, Unox, Foinox of production of Germani, Italy, Poland, etc. For obtaining more detailed information on baking and confectionery cars which you plan to buy - we ask to contact to our experts.
Information is up-to-date: 15.01.2020
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