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Forms are silicone
In stock 
Forms are silicone  Products from silicone (heat-resistant):   sealant cords profiles forms for confectionery Characteristics of the Product are intended for use in food, dairy and other branches. Range of admissible temperatures: from -50 °C to + 300ºС. Products...
Group: Forms for baking
Spiral mixer with fixed dezhey SP125
In stock 
136157.33 UAH
Spiral mixer with fixed dezhey firm KEMPER model Mixers SP125 capacity bowl 2 80 l Number of test 1 80 kg Power 7 kW weight Mixers 700 kg
Group: Commercial dough mixers
Rotary furnace gas Miwe Roll-In 60 80 2006 *
In stock 
316644.96 UAH
Rotary furnace gas Miwe Roll-In 60 80 2006 * Model: Roll-In 60 * 80 Electrical power: 3.5 kW Dimensions: w - 170 at * - 270 * g - 180 cm.
Group: Baking furnaces
The furnace convection Aeromat of 8.642003 rubles in
In stock 
85494.14 UAH
The furnace convection Aeromat of 8.642003 rubles in Electric power: 16 kW Dimensions: ш - 100 * in - 100 * d - 210 cm.
Group: Convection ovens
Sealant heat-resistan
In stock 
Sealant heat-resistant  Thanks to the unique properties a sealant from silicone rubber found broad application in various industries. Silicone profiles use as uplotnenitel of various type of connections and can be operated in any climatic zones in the wide range of temperatures from -...
Group: Seals heat-resistant
Grid traveling
Custom order 
The grid is conveyor  The grid conveyor is intended for transportation of products at heat treatment. It is used: - for transportation of details at heat treatment in tunnel furnaces; - in the baking industry; - in a candy store and other industries.   More in details than a grid...
Group: Metal conveyor belts
Knives for hleborezatelny cars
In stock 
Knives for hleborezatelny cars   Our company sells knives for hleborezatelny cars of the famous producers, and also non-standard knives, by the sizes provided by you. Knives are made of the Swedish steel. Hardness of a cloth is 38 HRC (Rockwell hardness). Hardness of the cutting tooth...
Group: Accessorial equipment for bakeries and producing of bakery products
Sheets baking (baking sheets) for pastries
In stock 
Sheets baking (baking sheets) for pastries   Are used for pastries bakery and confectionery of all types. Types of hearth sheets: smooth; punched; from material: aluminum, corrosion-proof and black.  It is also possible to order also non-standard hearth sheets. For...
Group: Baking trays for bakeries
Stainless steel trolleys
In stock 
Carts from stainless steel  The cart is intended for transportation of hearth sheets and pastries bakery and confectionery of all types in rotational furnaces. Characteristics The size of a hearth leaf (baking sheet) under the order Quantity of tiers under the order Material: stainless...
Group: Trolleys-studs
Compartments for proofing the unit (steam generator)
Custom order 
85000 UAH
Cameras for a rasstoyka with the unit (steam generator)  Cameras for a rasstoyka it is intended for a rasstoyka of test preparations of the widest range bakery and confectionery at trade enterprises, the baking industry, bakeries, bread-baking complexes, bakeries, confectionery...
Group: Proofers
High-Performance Long moulder
Custom order 
Testozakatochny car  Testozakatochny cars - the high-performance forming equipment for operation on large the bakery enterprises. By means of three couples of forming shaft, a zakatochny grid and two clamping boards, formation of integral test preparation is reached: necessary length and...
Group: Dough rolling-up machines
Cone rounder
In stock 
Testookruglitel is conical  The cone-shaped okruglitel can be applied to any bread from wheat to rye. Thanks to individual approach, adapts to characteristics of the test which you make. You can regulate the cone speed, and also an air stream (cold / hot). Also the cone can be greased in...
Group: Dough rounder machines
Testodelitel Werner & Pfleiderer
Custom order 
Testodelitel Werner & Pfleiderer Werner & Pfleiderer firms are suitable Testodeliteli both for classical types of the test and for other types of a wide range of types: purely from wheat, wheat / rye, the company test (for pizza) and the soft test (for baguettes). Characteristics:
Group: Dough cutting machine
Machine for the manufacture of baguettes and loaves
Custom order 
Equipment for production of baguettes and long loafs  The car is intended for production of baguettes, long loafs and long melkoshtuchny products. Designed on release of test preparations weighing from 100 to 2000 grams, high efficiency - to 1500 pieces/hour. The adjustable squeezing...
Group: Dough shaping machines
Line for the production of bread
Custom order 
25000 UAH
The line for production of bread Characteristics   Year of production: 1996 Weight, kg: 1000 The line includes: 1. Okruglivatel is stozhkovy: Power, kW: 0,8 Productivity, piece/hour: to 3000 Dimensions of the furnace (SHKHDKHV), m: 1,1 x 1,1 x...
Group: Equipment bakery


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